Blog Writing to Increase Website Traffic

Let’s start with some questions…

How can I increase the traffic to my website? Is it by writing blogs?
How formal does a blog need to be?
Who needs to write it? How often do I have to post my blog?
How long should a blog be?
Can my blog really make me money?
Can I SEO (search engine optimize) my blog?
These are some commonly and frequently asked questions in connection with increasing traffic to the website. This is really cool, from one perspective, and really confusing from another. So what do you need to know? You’ve a lot of flexibility with your blog. How formal it is… depends on your purpose and your audience. Writing standards are what they always were, but who’s checking? Well, your readers. But, your high school English teacher would roll over in her grave if you started a sentence with ‘but’. But-you can start with it (but) in many blogs. You can even write a one sentence paragraph!

So writing for the web is a bit different from traditional writing. What does that mean for an Internet marketer?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to get traffic to your website:

Presentation matters. Not just spelling, but that you present yourself in an articulate way to get traffic. If you’re not a native speaker of English, remain within your range while writing your blog. Don’t run for overdoing to create an impression. Web readers judge you very quickly. You obviously don’t want to give them a reason to judge you negatively.
Consistency matters. One of the most challenging issues, and the reason we have so many clients who need help with their blogs, is producing a consistent flow of material. Writing blogs got to be relevant and interesting, or your readers won’t return. Of course, you are ultimately responsible for the content, even if you do hire someone to help you with the writing. Make sure it makes you proud.
Frequency. How often you blog depends on the results you are looking for. If you’re blogging for SEO purposes, then more fresh content on your site, the better. If you’re just looking to keep your list happy, then once a week is fine. It is recommended that you try to post twice a week.
Keep it short. Online readers tend to look for small amounts of material they can consume quickly. Blogs range from 200 to 2000 words, and probably more. It is recommended that you cap it around 500 unless you’ve got some really meaty data your readers are craving on a topic. Even then, continue it in tomorrow’s blog if you can.
Making money with your blog. Look into affiliate programs, informational products, pay-per-click ads and direct product sales if you want to turn your blog into a money-making platform.
SEO for your blog. Optimizing your blog is just as easy as optimizing an article. Since your blog is likely to be shorter than many articles, and will even give you a spot to identify tags, it’s even easier. Just using a keyword a couple of times in a 250 word daily blog puts a lot of content on your site in a year!

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